[ i n k S p o t ! ]

Version 1.2b1 ( the lotus version )

Macintosh Only!


a new version will be available soon


on this landmark in the history of the macintosh, nay in the history of personal computing, all of us here at vertWare are extremely pleased to announce the latest version of inkSpot!, the hotline client...

...errrrr, this is michael. i disappeared for a while but i think i picked a good time to come back. a lot has happened in the last nine months and ninety-five percent of said happenings have been incredible.

so please, download, unstuff, enjoy, then curse at me for the things that i had to leave out for this first carbon beta. then you can read the version history to find out what's in store for beta two.

-- michael

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If you are looking for 'Ink Spot' (the newsreader for the Newton and other PDA's), please visit DejaVu Software.



Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the exits to both the left and right of the theater.

inkSpot! is an alternative client for the hotline protocol that I decided to write because I found the original hotline client to be sorely lacking in many areas. Try it out and decide which one you like better.

Advantages over the original hotline client:

  • It's pretty
  • Fonts
  • Multiple connections
  • Fonts
  • Filters
  • Speech - "Stan said lawl"
  • Message Handling
  • Fonts
  • Better Bookmarks
  • Did I mention that it's pretty?
  • Fonts
  • More Powerful Tracker

inkSpot! is made with REALbasic with plugins from Einhugur. I'm indebted to way too many people to list here, but you can find them in the Version History.

Bug Reports: inkspot@inkspotting.com or if you know where to find me...



© 1999 Michael Robinette